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MRBoats epub reader

Posted by Sandy 
MRBoats epub reader
January 26, 2017 03:22AM
This is more than a little obscure for a boat building forum. But it does relate to what I offer.

I'm a retired boat builder and a retired computer programmer. I've had 3 eye surgeries this past year for a detached retina. It seems to be fixed. But I still can't see shit out one eye. So I read ebooks on a tablet now, so I can expand the font size. And for my Google Chrome Browser I use it at 150% zoom.

All of which got me interested in epub format books. Most people who want to read ebooks have to install special software on their phone tablet or desktop computer. Then download an ebook (there are many 'formats' for ebooks that usually have to be matched to the right reader software). And then copy that ebook to the right place and then point the reader at it. All of which is complicated and hard to learn for newbies.

However, I just finished a way to put an ebook on my web server, in a way that makes it possible for web surfers to read it without installing or downloading anything. Click the mouse on a web page link and there it is. This is unique software. You can't get it. I have it and ain't nobody else who does. Actually it's not finished. Software is never done. But it does work.

In a month or so from now I'll have all the boat building pages in ebook format. In epub3 format. You'll be able to read them online or download the file and read it on your phone or tablet. Or on a desktop. But for users who don't know how to do all that nerdy download shit you will be able to read on the website................if you have the password.

Pretty cool stuff. It works too!

Re: MRBoats epub reader
January 26, 2017 04:36AM
Anyway this new epub format for the boat building instructions will be a big improvement. There will always be the same table of contents, on every page, so navigation will be less confusing. I'm looking forward to finishing it. Soon!

For nerds only
There are a few projects out there that do this already, like the Bib/i software https://github.com/satorumurmur/bibi on sourceforge. But Bib/i is written in javascript in a way that makes it impossible to embed the output inside a surrounding website. Bib/i has to be the whole website. Bib/i has to be the ebook and nothing but the ebook.

What I've got can be embedded inside any Content Management System running on an Apache Web Server, as the contents of any arbitrary DIV. Unzip the ebook on the server. Edit one line in a config file and away it goes.

I'll have it online to look at in a month or so from now. This has been a two month project already. Lots of xpath queries and string replacement routines, to get all the links to work and all the images to appear. My software is perhaps a little server cycle time expensive as it is now. The final step will be a simple server-side page caching system to make it run like lightning--once it's been looked at once, by anyone.

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