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test image upload
Posted by Sandy 
test image upload
April 09, 2017 11:24PM
Will this show up?
[attachment 1053 _PIC2094_Golden-stonefly-nymph.jpg]

Seems like I got the image upload stuff fixed. I moved to a new server two weeks ago and it's taken that long to stomp out most of the bugs. They're never all gone. Complicated websites are .................. complex. The new security stuff made necessary by hackers is getting harder to deal with all the time.

I used to be opposed to the death penalty. But hackers have turned me around. Now I'm all in favor of long drawn out torture. For hackers anyway.

Ah. Also--if anyone is reading--the "change password" forms on the blueprint pages have been broken for two weeks, while I upgraded the whole site. But now they're back online again.
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